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Why the Engagement Process is Needed

What is the original EMRTS Service Development Proposal?

The original EMRTS Service Development Proposal was developed following a comprehensive review of the service by the clinically led management team at EMRTS working in partnership with the Charity.

The proposal SDP describes a process of review and evaluation that is already in place.  This process uses the best available evidence and has already resulted in some service developments including extending from its original two bases to a four base 24/7 service and resulted in increased numbers of patients being treated and lives saved.

The original analysis and data modelling indicated the need for extended hours of operation and changes to base locations (affecting Caernarfon and Welshpool specifically) to continually improve the service across the whole of Wales.

Why is EASC undertaking the EMRTS Service Review?

The original EMRTS Service Development Proposal was received at the EASC Committee meeting on 8 November 2022 November 2022 - Emergency Ambulance Services Committee ( A substantial number of comments and queries had already been received from key stakeholders from Caernarfon and Welshpool areas and the Committee Members agreed that further scrutiny was required in a few key areas. Members also acknowledged the number of concerns received from Caernarfon and Welshpool stakeholder areas and it was agreed that this impartial scrutiny would be undertaken by the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner (CASC) and the EASC Team.

The EMRTS Service Review undertaken by EASC will be independent of the assumptions, comparisons and modelling included within the original EMRTS Service Development Proposal.

Why are changes being considered for the service?

Since being established, the EMRTS Service, working in partnership with the Wales Air Ambulance Charity, have/has always explored options to continually improve and adapt the service to meet their aims and objectives, this would include looking at all areas to meet as much demand in Wales for this specialist service as possible.

The service is required to respond to the Commissioning Intentions set by EASC. These are the strategic priorities and aim to ensure reasonable expectations for the ongoing improvement of services. For 2022-23, these include service expansion and the use of forecasting and modelling to inform system transformation.

What will the proposed base changes mean?

There are no current proposed changes to bases.  The engagement process will explore how to make best use of the existing air ambulance resources and will consider all available options that emerge as part of the engagement process.

Are there plans to close Caernarfon and Welshpool bases?

No.  The original EMRTS Service Development Proposal is now subject to an independent process of scrutiny and public engagement, led by the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner of EASC. The original EMRTS Service Development Proposal has now been replaced by what is called the EMRTS Service Review.  Time has passed since the original data analysis and modelling in the initial proposal, meaning that there is more data and further analysis can be undertaken. This will be done, impartially and independently, by the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner.

How can Caernarfon and Welshpool communities be assured of the appropriate EMRTS response if there are any changes to bases?

The responses to the communities in terms of the EMRTS does not change. This is an all-Wales service and is provided to those who need it through the allocation process. This highly complex service is provided by specialist teams based across Wales and teams are dispatched to meet the needs of individual patients wherever they are. The way the service is provided to patients will not change.