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March 2023

 0 Agenda Cymraeg PGAB (Word, 50Kb)
 0 Agenda English EASC (Word, 186Kb)
 1.4 EASC Unconfirmed Minutes (Word, 180Kb)
 1.5.1 Action Log (Word, 272Kb)
 1.6 Chairs Report (Word, 140Kb)
 1.6.1 App1 2023-01-23 JP letter to CEOs - Review of National Commissioning Functions (PDF, 129Kb)
 1.6.2 App2 National Commissioning Functions TOR (Word, 34Kb)
 2.1 Performance Report (Word, 344Kb)
 2.1.1 ASI Public Narrative (PDF, 13.4Mb)
 2.1.2 New Performance Report (PDF, 3.4Mb)
 2.1.3 EASC Action Plan (PDF, 2.2Mb)
 2.10 Confirmed minutes (Word, 235Kb)
 2.10 NEPTS DAG notes 1 (Word, 224Kb)
 2.11 EASC Governance EASCMG (Word, 235Kb)
 2.11.1 App1 EASC Risk Register (PDF, 151Kb)
 2.11.2 App2 EASC Assurance Framework (Word, 404Kb)
 2.11.3 App3 EASC Standing Orders (Word, 469Kb)
 2.11.4 App4 EASC Key Organisational Contacts (Word, 24Kb)
 2.11.5 App5 Audit and Risk Committee Assurance Report (Word, 221Kb)
 2.12 EASC Forward Look and Annual Business Plan (Word, 27Kb)
 2.2 ICAP Update (Word, 138Kb)
 2.3 App1 Draft Terms of Reference for Joint Investigations Group (Word, 1.8Mb)
 2.3 Quality and Safety Report (Word, 138Kb)
 2.4 EASC IMTP Cover Report (Word, 139Kb)
 2.4.1 EASC IMTP FINAL Draft 2023 to2026 (PDF, 6.3Mb)
 2.4.2 Finance Tables attachment for IMTP (PDF, 215Kb)
 2.4.3 App3 EASC IMTP Draft Equality Impact Assessment (Word, 148Kb)
 2.5 EMRTS Service Review Update (Word, 153Kb)
 2.6.1 WAST Provider Update (Word, 896Kb)
 2.6.1 WAST Provider Update (Word, 896Kb)
 2.6.2 EASC Presentation IMTP (pptx file, 4.4Mb)
 2.6.2 WAST IMTP presentation (pptx file, 4.4Mb)
 2.7 CASC Report (Word, 144Kb)
 2.8 EASC Commissioning Update (Word, 143Kb)
 2.8.1a Qtr3 WAST EMS and NEPTS Commissioning Intentions 22-23 Update (PDF, 508Kb)
 2.8.1b Qtr3 EMRTS Commissioning Intentions 22-23 Update (PDF, 504Kb)
 2.9.1 EASC Financial Report Month 11 22-23 (Word, 223Kb)
 2.9.2 EASC SFIs 2021 (Word, 82Kb)
 2.9.2. App1 Authorisation matrix SFIs EASC (Excel, 36Kb)