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Final Report Supporting Documents

 EASC EMRTS SDP Presentation (PDF, 1.9Mb)
 EMRTS Service Development Proposal Cover Paper (Word, 145Kb)
 EMRTS Service Review Technical Document (PDF, 13.3Mb)
 Everyday Summary (PDF, 1.3Mb)
 Easy Read EMRTS Service Review (PDF, 1.0Mb)
 Engagement Event Presentation Slides (PDF, 1.4Mb)
 Equality Impact Assessment - EASC EMRTS Service Review January 2023 (Word, 290Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions
 Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner's Report (PDF, 13.7Mb)
 Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner's Report Plain Language Version (PDF, 18.2Mb)
 Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner's Phase 2 Engagement Slides (pptx file, 2.7Mb)
 Phase 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF, 759Kb)
 Equality Impact Assessment - EASC EMRTS Service Review Sept 2023 (Word, 1.4Mb)
 Supporting Document 1 History of EMRTS (PDF, 888Kb)
 Supporting Document 2 Engagement What We Did and What We Heard (PDF, 9.9Mb)
 Supporting Document 3 Picker Institute Report (PDF, 794Kb)
 Supporting Document 4 EMRTS Historical Data Information Pack (PDF, 4.3Mb)
 Supporting Document 5 Drive Time and Population Coverage (PDF, 9.9Mb)
 Supporting Document 6 Weather Data (PDF, 1.2Mb)
 Supporting Document 7 Optima Modelling (PDF, 2.1Mb)
 Equality Impact Assessment Jan 2024 (Word, 10.2Mb)
Current and Past Papers
 Option Appraisal Session Summary (PDF, 941Kb)
 Option Appraisal Process Document (PDF, 1.5Mb)