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July 2022

 0 Agenda Cymraeg PGAB (Word, 51Kb)
 0 Agenda English EASC (Word, 180Kb)
 1.4 Unconfirmed minutes EASC 10 May 2022 (Word, 291Kb)
 1.5.1 ActionLog (Word, 261Kb)
 1.6 Chairs Report (Word, 135Kb)
 2.1 Performance Report (Word, 206Kb)
 2.1.1 App1 Ambulance Service Indicators May 2022 (PDF, 995Kb)
 2.1.2 EASC Action plan v.3 (Excel, 1.6Mb)
 2.1.3 Ambulance 25% lost minutes Improvement Trajectory (pptx file, 1.9Mb)
 2.1.4 Ambulance 4-hour Improvement Trajectory (pptx file, 1.8Mb)
 2.10 EASC Forward Look and Annual Business Plan (Word, 26Kb)
 2.2 Quality and Safety Report (Word, 136Kb)
 2.3.1 WAST Provider Update (Word, 4.0Mb)
 2.3.2 SBAR NHS Wales Immediate Release Protocol (Word, 152Kb) App1 NHS Wales Immediate Release Protocol (Word, 182Kb)
 2.3.3 SBAR NHS Wales Regional Escalation Protocol (Word, 212Kb) App1 Regional Escalation Protocol (Word, 190Kb)
 2.4 CASC Report (Word, 156Kb)
 2.4.1 App1 Funding for additional emergency ambulance capacity (PDF, 164Kb)
 2.5 EMS new Commissioning Framework (Word, 134Kb)
 2.5.1 EASC Collaborative Commissioning Framework (PDF, 1.6Mb)
 2.6 EASC Commissioning Update (Word, 141Kb)
 2.6.1 App1 Commissioning cycle 22-25 (pptx file, 49Kb)
 2.7 Financial Report Month 2 22-23 (Word, 214Kb)

 2.8.1 Chair's Summary EASC Management Group (Word, 107Kb)
 2.8.2 Confirmed minutes EASC Management Group (Word, 235Kb)
 2.8.3 Confirmed minutes of the NEPTS DAG 3 May 2022 (Word, 229Kb)
 2.8.4 Confirmed minutes EMRTS DAG 29 March 2022 (Word, 103Kb)
 2.9 App1 EASC Risk Register (PDF, 156Kb)
 2.9 App2 Changes to EASC Standing Orders (Word, 21Kb)
 2.9 App3 EMRTS DAG Annual Report (Word, 371Kb)
 2.9 App4 EASC Comms and Engagement (Word, 18Kb)
 2.9 App5 EASC Assurance Framework (Word, 399Kb)
 2.9 App6 EASC Audit Recommendations Tracker (Word, 36Kb)
 2.9 EASC Governance EASC (Word, 232Kb)
 2.9_App7 EASC key organisational contacts (Word, 23Kb)
 3.1 Hospital discharge and its impact on patient flow through hospitals (PDF, 1.3Mb)
 3.1.1 Recommendations HSSC Report on hospital discharge (Word, 17Kb)
 3.2 Written Statement UEC and Six Goals (Word, 18Kb)