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May 2023

 0 Agenda Cymraeg PGAB (Word, 194Kb)
 0 Agenda English EASC (Word, 186Kb)
 1.4 EASC unconfirmed minutes (Word, 181Kb)
 1.5.1 Action Log (Word, 290Kb)
 1.6 Chairs Report (Word, 138Kb)
 2.1 Performance Report (Word, 141Kb)
 2.1.1 Amb Service Indicators Mawrth 2023 (PDF, 4.7Mb)
 2.1.1 Amb Service Indicators March 2023 (PDF, 4.5Mb)
 2.1.2 Performance Dashboard April 2023 (PDF, 2.8Mb)
 2.1.3 EASC Action Plan March 2023 (PDF, 1.7Mb)
 2.2 Quality and Safety Report (Word, 136Kb)
 2.2.1 Quality Dashboard (pptx file, 4.2Mb)
 2.3 Effectiveness Survey (Word, 199Kb)
 2.4 EMRTS Service Review Update (Word, 147Kb)
 2.5 WAST Provider Update EASC (Word, 2.2Mb)
 2.6 CASC Report (Word, 140Kb)
 2.6.1 App1 Letter from WAST re Improving Response Times (PDF, 146Kb)
 2.6.2 App2 Response from CASC to WAST re imp response times (PDF, 139Kb)
 2.6.3 App3 Review of EMS Remote Clinical Support ToR (Word, 31Kb)
 2.7 EASC Commissioning Update (Word, 143Kb)
 2.7.1 App1 Ambulance Handover Plan Improvements - Final IA Report (PDF, 403Kb)
 2.7.2 App2 EASC IMTP Final (PDF, 10.0Mb)
 2.7.3 App3 EASC IMTP Cover Letter (Word, 228Kb)
 2.7.4 App4 EMS NEPTS Commissioning Intentions Update Q4 (PDF, 496Kb)
 2.8 Financial Report Month 12 22-23 (Word, 253Kb)
 2.9.1 Confirmed minutes EASC MG 16 Feb 2023 (Word, 224Kb)
 2.10 EASC Governance (Word, 238Kb)
 2.10.1 App1 EASC Risk Register (PDF, 183Kb)
 2.10.2 App2 EASC Assurance Framework (Word, 412Kb)
 2.10.3 Final Draft EASC AGS 2022 to 2023 (Word, 581Kb)
 2.10.4 DRAFT EASC Annual Report 2022-23 (Word, 305Kb)
 2.10.5 DRAFT EASC Audit enquiries letter - 2022-23 (Word, 117Kb)
 2.10.6 Draft EASC MG Annual Report (Word, 361Kb)
 2.10.7 App7 EASC Key Organisational Contacts (Word, 24Kb)
 2.10.8 Welsh Language Commissioner final report and decision notice (PDF, 194Kb)
 2.10.9 WLC Report and Decision notice (PDF, 384Kb)
 2.11 EASC Forward Look and Annual Business Plan (Word, 28Kb)