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November 2023

 0 Agenda Cymraeg (Word, 342Kb)
 0 Agenda English (Word, 337Kb)
 1.4 EASC Unconfirmed Minutes Sept 2023 (Word, 217Kb)
 1.5.1 Action Log (Word, 426Kb)
 1.6 Chairs Report (Word, 140Kb)
 2.1 Performance Report (Word, 189Kb)
 2.1.1 ASI Public Narrative Sept 2023 (PDF, 1.6Mb)
 2.1.2 Performance Dashboard Sept 2023 (PDF, 2.8Mb)
 2.10 EASC Governance (Word, 235Kb)
 2.10.1 App1 EASC Risk register EASC MG (Word, 63Kb)
 2.10.2 App2 EASC Assurance Framework (Word, 654Kb)
 2.10.3 App3 Email Welsh Language Commissioner (Word, 24Kb)
 2.10.4 App4 EASC Key Organisational Contacts (Word, 26Kb)
 2.10.5 App5 CTM ARC Assurance Report (Word, 222Kb)
 2.11 EASC Forward Look and Annual Business Plan (Word, 29Kb)
 2.2 Quality and Safety Report (Word, 141Kb)
 2.2.1 App1 Quality and Safety Dashboard (pptx file, 2.5Mb)
 2.2.2 App2 Review of Remote Services 2023 (PDF, 2.4Mb)
 2.3 EASC Commissioning Update (Word, 143Kb)
 2.3.1 Judith Paget - EASC IMTP Accountability Letter - 2023 (PDF, 145Kb)
 2.3.2 EASC IMTP Tracker Oct 2023 (pptx file, 2.1Mb) WAST Commissioning Intentions Qtr 2 Update (PDF, 485Kb) EMRTS Commissioning Intentions Qtr 2 Update (PDF, 443Kb)
 2.4 EMRTS Service Review Update (Word, 154Kb)
 2.5 WAST Provider Update (Word, 845Kb)
 2.5.1 WAST IMTP Ambitions Strategy (pptx file, 3.1Mb)
 2.6 CASC Report (Word, 145Kb)
 2.6.1 St John Ambulance Cymru letter (PDF, 653Kb)
 2.6.2 SSE letter to Karen Preece Programme Director - CASC Role (PDF, 97Kb)
 2.7 Financial Report Month 7 23-24 (Word, 249Kb)
 2.8 Chair's EASC MG Summary (Word, 116Kb)
 2.9 Confirmed minutes EASC MG June 2023 (Word, 230Kb)