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November 2022

 0 Agenda Cymraeg (Word, 51Kb)
 0 Agenda English (Word, 186Kb)
 1.4.1 Unconfirmed minutes EASC 6 Sept 2022 (Word, 182Kb)
 1.4.2 Unconfirmed minutes EASC briefing session 27 Oct 2022 (Word, 163Kb)
 1.5.1 Action Log (Word, 269Kb)
 1.6 Chairs Report (Word, 136Kb)
 2.1 Performance Report (Word, 328Kb)
 2.1.1 Ambulance Service Indicators Aug 2022 (PDF, 4.1Mb)
 2.1.2 25% Trajectory (Excel, 7.7Mb)
 2.1.3 4-hour trajectory (Excel, 264Kb)
 2.1.4 EASC Action Plan October 2022 (PDF, 2.0Mb)
 2.10 EASC Governance (Word, 232Kb)
 2.10.1 EASC Risk Register (PDF, 147Kb)
 2.10.2 App2 EASC Assurance Framework EASC Management Group (Word, 398Kb)
 2.10.3 App3 EASC Standing Orders July 2021 (PDF, 623Kb)
 2.10.4 App4 EASC key organisational contacts (Word, 23Kb)
 2.11 EASC Forward Look and Annual Business Plan (Word, 30Kb)
 2.2 Quality and Safety Report (Word, 138Kb)
 2.2.1 App1 HIW response re WAST Local Review - Progress Update (Word, 40Kb)
 2.2.2 App2 Supporting Section X joint investigations (Word, 84Kb)
 2.2.3 App3 Joint Investigations letter sent to HBs (PDF, 128Kb)
 2.2.4 App4 Patient Safety Incident requiring joint review form (Word, 72Kb)
 2.2.5 App5 draft Joint Safety Incident Review Meeting All Wales agenda template (Word, 89Kb)
 2.2.6 App6 Prevention of future deaths report 2022 (PDF, 160Kb)
 2.3 EMRTS Wales Air Ambulance Charity Service Development Proposal (Word, 145Kb)
 2.3.1 EMRTS Service Development Proposal (PDF, 10.0Mb)
 2.4 EMRTS WAA Charity Service Development Proposal Position Update (Word, 161Kb)
 2.4.2 DRAFT SDP Comms and Engagement Plan 1 (PDF, 754Kb)
 2.4.3 App3 DRAFT Project Plan EMRTS WAA SDP (PDF, 706Kb)
 2.4.4 App4 EIA - EMRTS Service Development Oct 2022 (Word, 147Kb)
 2.5 WAST Provider Update EASC (Word, 948Kb)
 2.6 CASC Report (Word, 139Kb)
 2.6.1 UEC Increasing resilience for Winter 2022-23 (PDF, 312Kb)
 2.7 EASC Commissioning Update (Word, 146Kb)
 2.7.1 App1 EASC IMTP 22-25 Quarter 2 (22-23) Update (Word, 73Kb)
 2.7.2 App2 Q2 Update Commissioning Intentions (PDF, 498Kb)
 2.8 Financial Report Month 6 22-23 (Word, 212Kb)
 2.9.1 Chair's Summary EASC Management Group 20 Oct 2022 (Word, 110Kb)
 2.9.2 Confirmed minutes EASC MG 18 August 2022 (Word, 235Kb)
 2.9.3 Confirmed Notes NEPTS DAG 4 Aug 2022 (Word, 545Kb)